I primarily teach classical guitar but I strongly believe that every genre of music has something to offer, from repertoire to approach to learning. For instance, there are few classical guitarists who understand chord construction in the intimate way a jazz guitarists does and electric guitarists are blazingly fast at playing scales but shy away form reading notated music.
The positive aspects of each genre’s learning methodology can be of great help to a student, no matter which style of guitar they wish to learn. Therefore, I incorporate ideas from all styles of playing into my lessons.

Grade exams are an integral part of music tuition in the UK and although they are a useful benchmark for a pupils progress they should not be the only focus of lessons. I leave it up to the pupil to decide if they wish to take music exams. Whatever their decision lesson time is divided between studying solo and ensemble repertoire (including how to read music for beginners), understanding guitar scale and chord construction which leads to effective sight reading, maintaining good posture, practising efficiently and, if appropriate, improvising melodically and harmonically.

I have a busy teaching timetable but occassionally spaces become available. If you would like lessons please don’t hesitate to contact me at lessons@michaelhulmes.co.uk or give me a ring on 01202 710204. Finally, if you have questions about any aspect of playing the guitar please feel free to drop me a line.
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