There are some basic principles which I believe make for good guitar lessons. The first is that at all times learning an instrument should be fun! That means a relaxed environment, learning to play the James Bond theme and earning sweets for good practice are all part of my lessons for children.

The second is that lessons should not be too short or too long but just the right length for each pupil. I find that for the very young (age 6-7) 20 minutes is plenty and lesson times can decrease if they have problems concentrating or increase if they make good progress.
The third is that encouragement and praise are a vital part of any learning system. Making mistakes must not be treated as a bad thing but as a learning experience. Understanding why a mistake occurred can bring significant benefits to a pupils development.

Finally, it is my goal to teach pupils to be individual musicians not carbon copies of myself. Therefore free will plays a big part in my teaching. Pupils are encouraged to (respectfully) argue in lessons about fingering, dynamics, phrasing and anything else they feel strongly about. This freedom of individual expression leads to pupils thinking about how and why they interpret the music they play rather than robotically copying me.
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